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BladeRunner GT Series Turbocharger

8 Parts

BladeRunner GT Series Turbocharger
  • Stock Upgrade w/No Core Charge
  • Direct Bolt On Replacement
  • All Connections To Vehicle Are Compatible w/OE Geometry
  • Billet Adj. Wastegate Actuator Is Included
  • Torque Booster Tube Incl.
  • 2 Year Warranty

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  • Direct Bolt-On Replacement
  • Stock Replacement w/No Core Charge
  • Additional Fueling Is Not Required
  • Wastegate Actuator Is Included w/Preset Factory Specs
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • In House Testing; Verified By House Dyno

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Ford Performance Parts 

Turbo Upgrade

3 Parts

Turbo Upgrade
  • Incl. Turbocharger Assembly
  • Incl. Lower Intake Manifold/Exhaust Heatshield/EGR Inlet Tube
  • Incl. Turbo Outlet Clamps/Exhaust Outlet Tubes
  • Incl. Intake Shields/Turbo Oil Line/All Gaskets Including EGR
  • Incl. All Fasteners/Spacers/Studs
  • Made in the USA

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