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For three decades, SHC Autographx and Tires has offered auto detailing services to clients in Victoria, BC and surrounding areas. Our car detailing services include interior cleaning and shampooing, exterior cut waxes, polishes, Diamond Kote® paint protection packages, nano ceramic coating packages, engine cleaning, leather care, fabric protection, wheel/rim cleaning, rim curb rash repair, custom rim painting, window cleaning, undercoating, rust proofing, headlight restoration, and more. SHC Autographx and Tires details all cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. A detailing package is a great gift for a friend or loved one. If you need help choosing the right package, look to our team of professional mechanics for help.

Full Details

Our auto detailing services range from a simple car wash to complete vehicle restoration including upholstery shampoo, carpet shampoo, cut waxing, waxing and polishing, tire detail and more.


  • Interior carpet shampoo
  • Upholstery shampoo or leather cleaning
  • Dash and door jams, all consoles and panels
  • Headlines, windows, trunk
  • All carpet and fabric gets treated with scotch guard after cleaning
  • All leather gets treated with leather protector


  • Washed
  • Clay bar to remove tar and small particles stuck to paint that you can’t see
  • Cut polished
  • Waxed and sealed
  • Wheels and tires cleaned
  • All mouldings and other rubber or plastic trim
  • Windows and wheel wells


  • Complimentary with every detail and with no damage to the car
  • We perform a mild engine steam and clean

Detailing Prices


  • Small and medium vehicles starting at $299.00 - $349.00
  • Sport utility and larger vehicles starting at $349.00 - $399.00
  • Full size trucks starting at $349.00 - $399.00
  • We can give quotes over the phone but for an accurate quote, the vehicle must be seen
  • SHC is very generous no matter what condition the vehicle is in
  • There may be an extra $45.00-$75.00 charge for dog hair removal or any mold removal only if it's excessive

Interior Only:

  • STARTING at $199.00 for all vehicles except motor homes, campers, buses
  • $75 for dog hair and excessive sand removal
  • Includes the same as described in the full detail description but you also get an exterior wash, wheels, tires cleaned and wheel wells

Exterior Only:

  • STARTING at $199.00 - $399.00
  • Paint sealant and ceramic paint protections are available. Call us for more information
  • Includes the same as described in the full detail description plus door jam cleaning

For an extra $45.00 we can put a "for sale" decal with your phone number anywhere on your vehicle.

Other Detail Options & Services

Paint Overspray removal:

Your vehicle may have some paint overspray from either a building next door getting painted or from the highway or new construction. Give us a call to remove the overspray and get your vehicle back to its original condition. Paint overspray removal starts at $99.00.

Headlight Restoration:

Your vehicle's headlights may have lost their clear finish over time and you may not want to pay for new headlights that can cost you anywhere from $200.00-$600.00. Let us take a look to see if we can get your headlights back to their original clarity for you. If we can get them back to their original shape it would only cost you $75.00 - $100.00 or less depending on their condition. Call us for more details.

Bug & Tar Removal:

Call us to view and price.

Wheel Cleaning:

Call us to view and price.

Wheel Finishing:

Did you rub up against a curb? SHC Autographx and Tires can reduce the mark. We would like to see the wheels before we can quote you a price for the repair. Some wheels such as chrome-finished wheels may start at a price of $45.00 -$90.00 per wheel.

Removing Old Decals & Stickers:

Having a sign division in our company, our auto detail personnel are experienced in decal removal without leaving any glue behind to damage the paint on your vehicle.

Bring your vehicle to us so we can give you an all around quote and explain to you what will be involved for the finishing touches to get your vehicle back to it's original condition. For the quality of work that our detail department does, we have the best prices in Victoria and beyond.

Brake Caliper Painting:

Pick a color and we can supply and paint your calipers and hubs.

Prices start at $75.00 per caliper for red , black or silver. Any other custom color is only an extra charge of $75.

Paint Correction and Paint Protection Package:

Paint correction prices starting at $399 - $799:
Paint sealant prices starting at $199 -$399 depending on size of vehicle.

Autotriz ceramic coating light 7 year warranty $1295 (vehicle may need paint correction)
Autotriz ceramic coating 3d matrix 10 year warranty $1695 (vehicle may need paint correction). Call SHC to get more information on Autotriz Nano Ceramic, the worlds best paint protection system for your paint, plastic trim, windows, wheels, headlights, tailights, grills, badges and emblems.

Autoriz 3d matrix 10 year warranty 3 coat system package $1895. Plus tax.

Autotriz 3d light 7 year warranty 2 coat system package $1295. Plus tax

All ceramic coating packages include a 1 pass paint correction process to bring the vehicle back to its flawless condition before we start the ceramic coating process.

Some new and or used vehicles may require a more paint correction process to get the vehicle back to original condition before we start the ceramic coating process. The extra charge will be determined upon viewing and inspecting the vehicles paint condition.