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The advantage that we have here at SHC Autographx and Tires by using the SunTek window film products is that we know we are backed with a product lifetime warranty. SHC guarantees a lifetime film warranty along with a lifetime installation warranty, meaning, as long as you own your vehicle, you are backed by these warranties from peeling, discoloring, fading or any other unusual defects in the material or whether it was caused from the installation. SHC Autographx and Tires has been honoring this warranty for over 28 years.


For over 28 years, SHC has been serving satisfied customers at our service centers. Both locations are owned and operated by the owner. Our window tinting installers have also been with the company for over 25 years. This secures us on the stability of our location and allows us to, even more, stand behind our warranty policies and keeps our prices competitive with any other window tinting companies that provide the same or similar services. SHC Autographx and Tires is the longest lasting window tinting, window frost film paint protection (PPF) company in Victoria BC Canada to date.

SHC also has loaner vehicles for your convenience and a waiting area if you were to arrive too soon to pick up your vehicle.


Our window tinting or window film products and installations cater to all cars, trucks, yachts, boats, campers, buses, homes and offices.


View our website and use our window tint configurator to view the different shades on your vehicle and also get basic information and pricing. We highly recommend you call us and speak to our window tint installers and sales department to about the best option for you, your family, your pets and your vehicle.

Are you looking for residential or commercial window tinting in Victoria? Or how about window tint installed on your vehicle? At SHC Autographx Ltd, we provide window tint and tinting services to customers in Victoria, BC,  and surrounding areas.

The benefits of buying window tint from SHC includes:

  • Improve Looks & Resale Value
  • Increase Privacy & Safety
  • Reject U.V. Radiation & Heat
  • Reduce Air Conditioner Use
  • Reduce Headlight Glare
  • Reduce Eye Strain & Fatigue
  • Extra Shatter Protection
  • Lifetime Warranty*

*Covers color change, peel, fade, and shrink for as long as you own your vehicle.

Plus, all window tint packages are composed of professional grade film and installed by experience installers.

Accessory Tinting for Headlights and Tail Lights - starting at $149

  • Clear
  • Tint
  • Gun Smoke
  • Smoke
  • Optic Blue
  • Yellow
  • Charcoal
  • Red

Car Window Tint Options

  • Tint Strip - starting at $85
  • Single Side of Quarter Window - starting at $65
  • Front Driver and Passanger Windows - starting at $189
  • Single Rear Window - starting at $199
  • Rear 3 Windows - starting at $295
  • Rear 5 Windows - starting at $349
  • Rear 7 Windows - starting at $395
  • Tint All 5 Windows - starting at $295 (2 Door Vehicles)
  • Tint All 7 Windows - starting at $395 (Most 4 Door Vehicles)
  • Tint All 9 Windows Including Hatch - starting at $499

*Includes installation plus tax.

*Some Vehicles may be Cheaper than Others Depending on the Vehicle.

Call for More Details

Truck & SUV Tint Options

  • Single Side or Quarter Window - starting at $75
  • Single Rear Window (No Slider) - starting at $149
  • Single Rear Slider Window or 3 Piece Rear Window - starting at $199 - $249
  • Front 2 Drivers and Pass Windows- starting at $189
  • 4 Front Drivers and Pass Windows - starting at $225
  • Slider Rear Window or 3 Piece Rear Window with 2 Rear Quarter Windows - starting at $249
  • Tint Rear 3 Windows (No Slider) - starting at $249
  • Tint Rear 3 Windows (With Slider) - starting at $295

*Includes installation plus tax.